Businesses are operating in a more hostile public environment than at any time in the last 40 years.

The collapse of trust in formal institutions.  The re-birth of socialism.  Popular support to nationalise many industries.  These are all taking their toll, often making business appear at odds with society.

This has created pressure for businesses to point to a higher purpose to justify their existence.  It is often not seen as enough to create the jobs and pay the taxes that support society and the economy.

It has never been more important for business to communicate with clarity, precision and humanity, with the full range of people, influencers and interest groups it relates to.

Each firm has always needed to make the case for why it is different.  Arguably, all firms now must make the case for what business delivers to society and the economy.  To communicate simply, sympathetically and in ways that will engage people.

That’s why I am so glad to be part of new agency, Fourteen Forty, which as well as supporting our individual clients will help to make the case for business as a whole.

Fourteen Forty will sit alongside my existing work as an independent consultant which I will continue to develop.  It will also give those clients access to a broader and deeper range of services.

Here’s the launch release and the site.