I work as an external consultant, alongside agencies or as a contractor in in-house teams.  I can help you plan, promote and protect:


Give senior advice: advising senior executives on corporate positioning, profile raising and issues and crisis management.

Handle crises and issues: navigating a media or legal storm, identifying and assessing reputation and operational risks and managing the issues before they become a problem.

Shape the story: helping articulate what really makes a business tick, its clear purpose, why it is different and how it can lead.

Understand the issues: issue and audience research, audit and analysis to get to the bottom of what’s important.

Build the plans: starting with the business challenges, then using research, insight and sharp analysis to shape the creative and strategic plans.

Select the right media: the appropriate mix of digital, social and traditional media, and a clear path for what each should achieve.

Drive business through better content: creating the right marcomms content, in the right format, to tell the story through the best channels for the job.

I’m also an associate at The Measurement Practice which helps clients measure, understand and improve the value communications delivers.

Strong team for any brief

And no job is too big.  I have built up a network of like-minded independent consultants and have strong working relations with a range of full-service agencies.  I can hand-pick the right team for any brief.  Or I can work on my own.