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New agency: making the case for business

Businesses are operating in a more hostile public environment than at any time in the last 40 years.

The collapse of trust in formal institutions.  The re-birth of socialism.  Popular support to nationalise many industries.  These are all taking their toll, often making business appear at odds with society. Continue reading “New agency: making the case for business”

The dark side of big data

The promise of big data is at last starting to emerge for gas and electricity customers, but sadly only with regulatory intervention. Continue reading “The dark side of big data”

What the sugar tax can learn from anti-smoking

Encouraging behaviour change is better than penalties

Chancellor Osborne has chosen to be seen to be doing something about the growing obesity issue, rather than actually doing something about it.  That would be more difficult.

Continue reading “What the sugar tax can learn from anti-smoking”

Pay by weight to fly: the thin edge of the wedge in behaviour change?

Far away in the Pacific island of Samoa a fascinating experiment in the nudge theory of behaviour change is unfolding. The national airline, Samoa Air, has decided to charge passengers by the kilo to fly. Continue reading “Pay by weight to fly: the thin edge of the wedge in behaviour change?”

Regret: a difficult brand truth to deal with

Much in marketing is made of the brand truth, the customer benefit, essentially identifying the problem that any product or service is trying to solve.

Very often the really successful products are the ones which solve problems we didn’t even know we had. Continue reading “Regret: a difficult brand truth to deal with”

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