Businesses are having to reshape their stories to remain relevant in the face of widespread business, social and technological disruption.

Together with changing attitudes and new regulatory approaches this is driving dramatic change.  Communications haven’t always kept up.

Business now often has to go beyond explaining what it does.  Firms need to show why, and often how.  They must engage, not preach, over-claim or tell.

This calls for a strong confident narrative, that has the right tone and shows a clear purpose.

Today’s businesses need communications specialists as fluid, fast and creative as the demands they face. They need to be able to think differently, about the immediate issues and their wider implications.

That’s what I provide.  I help businesses shape and articulate what they should say and do to influence the people that matter most to them, whoever they may be: customers, partners, influencers, internal audiences and beyond.

Business communication will never be finished or perfect.  But I can make it better.  And better gets you to your business goals, faster and more efficiently.