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No posts yet: time for Google+ to circle the wagons?

I recently looked through my Google+ account and suspect I wasn’t alone in finding that most of the people in most of my circles are listed as having “no posts yet”.

Like many people, I eagerly opened my Google+ account as soon as I got one of its so-called “exclusive” pre-launch invitations, then set off in search of friends and acquaintances to fill my circles.

Now, like many I also suspect, I’m wondering what it’s all about. Continue reading “No posts yet: time for Google+ to circle the wagons?”

Location-based targeting: fools’ gold or gold dust?

So Forrester tells us that geolocation apps (such as Foursquare to you and me) aren’t yet an advertisers’ gold mine. They have a role but not the reach of other digital routes such as SMS, mobile search and WAP display advertising. Continue reading “Location-based targeting: fools’ gold or gold dust?”

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