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The myth of the millennial market

Basic marketing practice generally means identifying a segment of people with common characteristics and then trying to work out what few triggers will attract as many of them as possible. Continue reading “The myth of the millennial market”

Good evaluation means better work

Too often the idea of measuring effectiveness sends shivers down the spines of PR and comms people.  Everyone knows it is vital to commit to evaluation, but often it is complex, potentially expensive and can be just plain difficult. Continue reading “Good evaluation means better work”

FIFA World Cup intervention reflects poorly on sponsors

The sponsors have finally felt compelled to intervene.  Actual criminal charges laid against Sepp Blatter have proven the trigger for Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Visa and Budweiser to step in and call for change. Continue reading “FIFA World Cup intervention reflects poorly on sponsors”

Energy is too important to be left to the politicians

Rarely do you leave a discussion on energy policy with a clearer understanding of what’s going on than you started with, but that’s what happened last Thursday at an excellent talk by Oxford economics Professor Dieter Helm at the Social Market Foundation think tank. Continue reading “Energy is too important to be left to the politicians”

Location-based targeting: fools’ gold or gold dust?

So Forrester tells us that geolocation apps (such as Foursquare to you and me) aren’t yet an advertisers’ gold mine. They have a role but not the reach of other digital routes such as SMS, mobile search and WAP display advertising. Continue reading “Location-based targeting: fools’ gold or gold dust?”

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